Wie ein Blütenblatt im Sturm Mary Jo Putney

ISBN: 9783404123407

Published: 1995


444 pages


Wie ein Blütenblatt im Sturm  by  Mary Jo Putney

Wie ein Blütenblatt im Sturm by Mary Jo Putney
1995 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 444 pages | ISBN: 9783404123407 | 7.64 Mb

I had plenty of warnings, but I was still rather stunned at how underwhelmed I was by this book. But I perservered because I really wanted to follow the series in sequence. Unfortunately, it took up my entire weekend because I could not force myself to sit down and read this in long stretches.

Not that it was horrible, mind you, but because it seemed like in terms of the romance, nothing was happening.Rafe, Duke of Candover, made a life-alteringly bad jump to conclusion when he was 21, and it cost him the love of his life, Margot Ashton.

After being accused of infidelity, Margot went with her father to Paris where they both were killed. However, Rafe is surprised when he journeys to Paris twelve years later to find that the spy he is to work with is no other than Margot. As they work together, the two veer from friendship to animosity to passion to respect... at least, thats what the author wants us to believe. I personally didnt feel anything between the two of them. And therein lies the problem. Although the historical details of post-Waterloo Paris are meticulously explained, they completely overshadow any romance that may have lurked in the pages.

Were told that they still love each other and want each other, but its not broken down in a way that draws this reader in. And, frankly, its hard to like either Margot/Maggie or Rafe. Theres nothing endearing or redeeming about either of them.This book is actually a rewrite of a Regency by Ms. Putney, and you can really tell that the romantic and sexual tension were written in as side notes to the historical aspect of the story. The interesting interactions of the major political leaders at the time (Wellington, Castlereagh, Marshal Blucher, etc.) are the only thing that kept me turning the page.


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